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Contact us today - Don't delay. Are you a vending machine operator or vending machine owner? Has your vending machine broken down and needs to be repaired? Does your vending machine need a service? We CONTACT you usually within 3 x Business Hours.

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We supply from ALL the major vending machine brands brought into Australia. Vending machine parts sold are quality products. Our vending machine repair services are of great Quality.

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We can quote you over the phone and even better when we are at the job. We have the knowledge to be upfront on cost of repair to your vending machine. Get a Scheduled Maintenance Plan for your machine.

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Vending Machine Repair – Vending Machine Repair Services Australia.


Get your vending machines fixed, repaired and serviced by a qualified vending machine repair technician.

Our vending machine repair technicians have been in “vending repair” for over 3 years as a minimum. But our collective group…. we believe we have about 100 Years worth of “Vending Machine Repair” knowledge here in Australia.
If a repairman technician has any issues they have the availability to contact other technicians to assist.

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Vending machines are a crucial part of many businesses, providing convenient and quick access to all types of products. However, like any machine, they require regular maintenance and repair to function optimally.

Immediate vending machine repairs are essential to prevent further damage and costly downtime. A machine that is known on it’s site… as a “malfunctioning vending machine” can lead to lost sales, untrusting dissatisfied customers, and possibly even a tarnished vending business reputation. This is really not just about fixing a problem… it’s about preventing potential sales losses to your vending business.

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Vending Machine Repair Services Australia.

We offer vending machine repair services available Australia wide.

Moreover, a scheduled maintenance plan

to your vending machine is really highly beneficial. Scheduled Regular inspections can identify issues before they escalate, saving you from unexpected repair costs. It also ensures your vending machine is always in top working condition, leading to improved performance, increased lifespan, and better staff – customer satisfaction.


Ensuring prompt vending machine repairs and having a scheduled maintenance plan are not just necessary, they’re smart vending business decisions.

Scheduled inspections of your vending machines can ensure they are fully operational and are always ready to serve your staff/customers, contact us for any kind vending machine repair and or enquiring and booking a scheduled maintenance plan for your vending business’s success.

Vending machines can encounter a variety of issues, some of the most common ones include:

Note reader validator or coin mechanism problems:
These can include issues with accepting notes or coins, or failure to return any or correct change.

Product jams:
A product gets stuck in the vending mechanism and cannot be dispensed.

At Vending Machine we make it quick and easy.

Temperature control issues:
Vending machines that dispense cold drinks, snacks or food can have issues with temperature control, such as products not being cold enough or freezing. Digital thermostats do wear out after time.

Power problems:
Vending machines can experience power problems, such as failure to turn on or frequent power outages, power surges from the site. Blowing fuses is another issue. This is usually the compressor that needs replacing.

Malfunctioning display or user interface:
The display or user interface on a vending machine can malfunction, making it difficult for customers to make selections or complete transactions.

Internet connectivity issues:
Some vending machines are equipped with internet connectivity to enable cashless payments and remote monitoring.

Internet Signal connectivity:
Issues can occur due to poor signal strength or network problems.

Need a vending machine repair… We can assist to organise to repair your vending machines

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Vending Machine Repair is owned & operated by Vending Machines Australia

What We Do

Vending Machine Servicing

  • Refrigeration repairs
  • Note Reader repairs
  • Credit card reader supply / installation

Commercial Vending

  • Machine servicing – Maintenance Schedules – Preventative Maintenance
  • Insurance Repair to Quoting on Vandalized machines
  • Commercial Refrigeration Repairs Onsite

Vending Machine Repair

  • Emergency 24/7 if required some states only
  • Refrigeration Repairs
  • Cashless Payment Systems
  • Vending Machine Fix
  • Onsite Re-Gas
  • Commercial Refrigeration Repair

What We Do

1Fast Responce Time

Vending Machine Repair is a One Stop Vending shop. For Parts, Spares and Repair of vending machines from Coin mechs to Credit card readers to fridge decks to fan or vend motors. We can come to you onsite for vending machine repairs & services.

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A Vending machine repair can be arranged virtually anytime. Call Us or Contact Us via our online form. We reply usually within 1-3 hours or less. .

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WE CAN ...Repair, Supply, Deliver and Install. We FULLY Guarantee our Service. Servicing Australia for the last 20 years. Fix vending machine near me !

4Specials & Coupons

From time to time we do offer Specials on all types of vending equipment. New vending machines for sale ~ Refurbished vending machines for sale, 90 Days warranty on Parts. New & Used vending machine Parts and spares. Just ask us !!!

My vending machine stopped cooling and didn’t take coins. I was really stressed and worried… I would lose the site. But they came and quickly found the compressor starter cap was damaged thus the compressor wasn’t working at all. This was fixed and replaced, my combo vending machine started cooling again. They found my coin mech also had a stuck coin in the gateway, they cleared it, and my machine is fully working again. Im so happy! Highly recommend Vending Machine Thanks so much for your help. Bennie

My vending machine stopped taking money and didn’t take coins. I was really worried that I could lose the site to another vending operator. But they came quickly, checked and found coin mech stopped working. It was DEAD. I was advised by Ricky, the best solution was fit a Credit Card Reader and go CASHLESS. This has increased sales at the site and my site is so impressed with me for being tech Savvy, having “State of the Art” cashless payment solution, with remote monitoring of this machine. I now know when to go and restock it, know what’s slow selling and having my machine fixed  has improved everything. Changing to fast selling items has increased my sales. So impressed with these guys. Thanks heaps Tom C

My vending machine was HOT inside, melted chocolates it was not cooling. I was very worried. But VMR was called in for a emergency breakdown.
They came and quickly found the compressor Fan motor wasn’t working it was replaced and my machine started cooling again. They found other small problems, so I went onto the Scheduled Maintenance Plan… for them to come back do a full service and fix the little issues. Glad I found VMR really happy with their service, and so is the site. Icy cold drinks and no melted chocolates.              Thanks again Jenny B

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