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We Offer A Full Range Of Vending Repairs.

Don’t despair… Get Vending Machine Repair

Get that Vending machine fix or repair service for your machine onsite… available in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Australia.

We have vending machine repair services available Australia. Info about us to help you choose the right repair team to arrange a Fix !

Our vending repair technicians have been fixing vending machines for over 3 years as a minimum. They can just about pull apart a machine and replace it with all new parts.

We know what it is like having a vending machine that isn’t working properly. We know how stressful it can be ” When you get that phone call from a site that tells you your vending machine is NOT cold anymore or it is not taking any money or it isn’t giving products or even change“.

Don’t despair…Vending machine repair

Convenient online scheduling and 24/7 emergency repair services.

At Vending Machine Repair, we’re not just experts; we’re passionate about keeping your vending machines running smoothly. With 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve seen it all—from coin mechs to credit card readers, from fridge decks to vend motors.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Extensive Industry Knowledge:
    • Our journey began two decades ago, and since then, we’ve become intimately familiar with the vending landscape in Australia.
    • We know all the importers of vending machines, ensuring that we source the best quality products for repairs.
  2. Onsite Repairs by Skilled Technicians:
    • When your vending machine breaks down, time is of the essence.
    • Our qualified vending machine technicians can swiftly go onsite to diagnose and fix the issue.
    • Whether it’s a note reader validator glitch or a temperature control hiccup, we’ve got you covered.
  3. Scheduled Maintenance Plans:
    • Prevention is key! Our scheduled maintenance plans keep your machines in top shape.
    • Regular inspections identify potential issues before they escalate, saving you from unexpected repair costs.
    • Well-maintained machines mean improved performance and happier customers.

Common Vending Machine Issues

Our skilled technicians handle a range of problems:

  1. Note Reader Validator or Coin Mechanism Problems:
    • Issues with accepting notes or coins, or failure to return correct change.
    • We’ll ensure your machine handles transactions smoothly.
  2. Product Jams:
    • Sometimes a product gets stuck in the vending mechanism.
    • Our experts will unjam the machine, so your customers get what they crave.
  3. Temperature Control Challenges:
    • Cold drink or food vending machines may struggle with temperature control.
    • Whether it’s not cold enough or freezing, we’ll fine-tune it.
  4. Power Glitches:
    • Power problems, such as failure to turn on or frequent outages, can disrupt your business.
    • Our technicians diagnose and fix electrical issues promptly.
  5. Display or User Interface Malfunctions:
    • A glitchy display can frustrate customers.
    • We’ll ensure smooth interactions for hassle-free vending.

Remember, investing in timely repairs and maintenance isn’t just necessary—it’s a smart business decision. Contact us today for reliable vending machine repairs and keep your business


Are you a vending machine operator or vending machine owner? Has your sited vending machine broken down and needs to be repaired? Does your vending machine need just a service? We have qualified expert technicians all over Australia that can repair and/or service your vending machines. This website is owned and operated by Vending Machines Australia.
We have been in Vending for 20 years… so we are deemed to be Vending Experts.

Need Help for anything in Vending….. Contact us
We offer prompt, honest, friendly service and advice.
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Meet the One of the Repairers – Ross

We have vending machine repair services available all over Australia.
Our vending machine repair technicians have been in vending repairs for over 3 years as a minimum.

I have been a vending machine repair technician of over 35 years. Having worked for Quirks Australia, gave me a lot of knowledge and so much experience so I decided to do it alone.

My vending knowledge is vast and have repaired and setup literally 1000’s of vending machines. From the old machines to the newest in todays marketplace.
We know how to do the repair and get the job done. We also specialize in Cashless Payment Systems as well as PPE Vending machines.

Our collective Vending machine knowledge is 100 years worth.

If a repair technician has any issues… they have the availability to contact many of our other technicians to assist… Team work.
So don’t stress we can arrange your fix. We can arrange for that Vending Machine Repair Near Me. We are available online 24/7.
At Vending Machine Repair we make it quick and easy for a Vending machine repair service and can also provide scheduled preventative maintenance programs.

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