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Coin Mech Repairs in Australia With Only 2 x Coin Mech Repair Shops in Australia.

For Coin Mech Repairs in Australia

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Coin mech repairs image of 8 x different types of coin mech/ coin changers. available to repair. MARS, MEI, Coinco, QuantumPro-Coinco Global mech's
  1. CC Royal – located in Sydney, Australia.

2. Methodical Services – located in Sydney, Australia.

​Coin Acceptors Australasia – C​C ROYAL – COINCO ~ GLOBAL or GUARDIAN Coin Mech’s ONLY. Also Vantage Note readers

CC ROYAL Coin mech's. 4 x types of coin changers (coin Mechs) that Coinco CCRoyal can repair

Address: Unit 16/43 Sterling Rd, Minchinbury, Sydney-NSW 2770
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Open 7.30am Closes 4pm Monday – Friday
Phone (02) 9756 6628


Coin-Mechs-brands-displaying-6-coin-mechs-NRI Currenza Blue coin changers, MEI, MARS Cashflow and NRI G46 coin mechs

Faulty coin mechs can be sent to Methodical Services in Sydney for service at:
Address: 16/1 Adept Ln, Bankstown NSW 2200
Hours: Open 8am Closes 4pm Monday – Friday
Phone: (02) 9793 2733

A coin mech is a TERM that is widely used in the Vending Industry here in Australia.
A coin mech is a COIN ACCEPTOR and CHANGE GIVER all in ONE device, fitted to a Vending machine to accept a CASH PAYMENTS…coins to be precise.. Australia’s minted coins.

This also works when a vending machine takes CASH…and has a NOTE READER fitted to it as well.
It performs the task of accepting $5, $10, $20 ” NOTES ” to tell the machine how much money is accepted and in CREDIT.

Example: A person inserts a $5.00 Note…Machine accepts and knows it is holding a $5.00 CREDIT.
Person selects a $4.00 Product in the machine. It then will dispense that $4 product and then give $1.00 back in Change…COINS…from the COIN MECH.
This where sometimes if a COIN ACCEPTOR CHANGE GIVER ( coin-Mech) is not working it causes issues.

If you do it yourself…you will save some $$$.

SENDING or DELIVERING YOURSELF: The service charge for coin mech repairs starts at $75 + GST… + Plus Parts + GST that are used for the repair, + The courier or postage back to you.
If you are local in Sydney, you can deliver it yourself and pick-up at the service counters from both Methodical Services & Coin Acceptors Australasia.

It is recommended that a registered COURIER or Registered Australia Post and/or insured service is to be used to ensure and guarantee… proof of delivery to Coin Acceptors or Methodical Services.

When sending in your coin mechs for service include your Company name and FULL contact details, ( your name, your email and phone number ).

Ensure a street (not PO BOX) is included in your details as we will return it via COURIERS PLEASE or TNT Couriers.

Otherwise, if delivery via Australia Post …it may and could result in delays… due to their processing times.

Also include a Description of the Fault, CLEARLY… state what is wrong, what it is NOT doing…as this will help these “2 x Coin Mech Repair Companies” to complete your repairs sooner and allow them to service the mech in case they find no fault when they plug it into one of their TESTER Systems.
These systems also can Re-Program a coin mech back to original specifications or Upgrade the Coin mech’s software.

Turn around time for “Coin Mech Repair” is usually 7 days.
However at times, this can change due to HIGH influx of coins mech sent in for service.
Delays are unforeseen but they endeavor to have your mech fixed and serviced at a maximum of 12 days. This is not Guaranteed.

The repairman / technician will come on the Booked day and check the ” Coin Mech” for any damage or even if it has a stuck coins inside the mech. It would usually be a 10 cent coin or a 50 cent coin.
This is done ONSITE for you. If the repair cannot be fixed… then and there… and is required to be sent away to either CC Royal & Methodical Services.
You have the choice whether to get the repairman / technician to send it for you or you can do this yourself.
The choice is all yours.

If your vending machine is a CASH only machine… taking Coins and Notes …
That way your vending machine will still be operating as normal, onsite, not affecting your customers while the other Coin acceptor ( Coin mech ) is away for repair.

Remember, at Vending Machine Repair, we’re not just about vending machines. We’re a repair service that’s here for you.