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How to Do Maintenance on a Vending Machine:

How… Do you perform Maintenance on a Vending Machine:

Here are 4 x Easy Tips to Remember

Vending machines silently serve your customers… day in and day out, dispensing snacks, drinks, and the most important of all is…their “Trust and Convenience” in your vending machine. Reliant on it working.

How to Do Maintenance on a Vending Machine. 4 x Vending machine types. 4 x easy TIPS to remember by

But just like any hardworking 24/7 equipment, they need regular service, ongoing maintenance and total care to keep machines running and operating smoothly.

Whether you’re a vending machine business owner operator or a particular business owner or manager, service vending machines to ensure smooth operation. Here are some simple maintenance tips to ensure that your vending machines stay in top shape…ready to serve.

1. Regular Cleaning: The Key to Longevity

  • Condenser Coils: Approximately every 3 months, depending on the cleanliness of the site and its location, use compressed air or a brush to clean the condenser coils. These coils play a crucial role in maintaining the machine’s cooling system.
  • Accessible Parts: At least two to three times a year, use a mild detergent, warm water, and a soft towel to thoroughly clean all accessible parts of the vending machine. Focus on areas where dirt, dust, and grime accumulate. Clean and Remove all dirt and grime.

2. Inspect and Test Functionality

  • Payment Mechanisms: Regularly test the payment mechanisms (coin slots, bill acceptors, card readers). Ensure they function smoothly.
  • Product Dispensing: Check if products dispense correctly. Clear any jams promptly.
  • Cooling System: Monitor the cooling system. Ensure it maintains the desired temperature for perishable items.

3. FIX & Address Wear and Tear

  • Wiring: Inspect wiring looms to shelves, vend motors for signs of wear or damage. Frayed wires can cause electrical failures. Use electrical tape to ensure no wires are touching each other. You individually separate each wire and use electrical tape to ensure sealing.
  • Note Readers: If your machine accepts notes, ensure the note reader is functioning correctly. TEST it.
  • Control Boards: Glitches in the control system can disrupt the machine’s operation. Address them promptly.
  • VEND Delivery Motors: These motors drive product dispensing. Keep them well-maintained. Replace if necessary if they start to turn SLOWLY when it is pushing a product. Keep machines in top condition.
  • Refrigerant Gas: Maintain the cooling system by checking the machines refrigerant levels. If the temperature in the machine is NOT as cold as it should be…then you may have a slow-leak. Get this tested by a Technician…. Need Assistance with a vending machine technician?
  • Coin Mechanisms: Smooth coin acceptance and change dispensing are essential for customer satisfaction. Do a manual test, put a note or money in …Select a product, ensure you get correct change and the product. You then know… the vending machine has done its job…correctly.
  • Credit Card Readers: If your machine supports card payments, ensure credit card readers work flawlessly. Do a Test and something from your machine to verify it is correctly working, takes the payment , does the transaction and delivers the correct chosen product.: This will lesson any chance of a unhappy customer , the site and you know the vending machine has done its job…correctly.
hygiene and sanitization of vending machines. showing bucket being carries full of sprays, cleaners, cloths, brushes and bucket near a line of numerous vending machines

4. Hygiene and Sanitization of Machines

Regular Wiping: Wipe down and sanitize all visible surfaces of the vending machine.

A Little Care… Goes a Long Way

Remember, vending machines are more than metal boxes—they’re part of your business.

By following these easy maintenance steps, you’ll prolong their lifespan, reduce downtime, and keep your customers satisfied.

So, grab that mild detergent, warm water, and soft microfiber towels—a bit of elbow grease…is needed as it’s it’s time to give your vending machines some Tender Loving Care! 🛠️

Whether you’re a seasoned vending machine operator or a newbie, these maintenance tips are simple straightforward and effective.

If you need a vending machine repair, virtually anywhere in Australia, then VendingMachineRepair can assist you in arranging a ” Scheduled Maintenance Plan ” to keep your machine in “Top-Top” shape.

Keep your vending business humming along smoothly! 

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