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A Wide Range of Options

Refurbished Vending Machines for Sale. At Vending Machine Repair, we know every business has unique needs. Buy Refurbished vending machines ! From time to time, we have these machines available, providing you with an affordable and reliable solution for your vending needs.

Drink Vending Machines

Having refurbished drink vending machines are perfect for quenching the thirst of your customers. They are capable of dispensing a variety of drink beverages, from cans, bottles, juices to bottled waters.

Combination Vending Machines

Combination vending machines are the most popular choice among our customers. These machines offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to dispense both drinks and snacks from a single machine. Buy Refurbished vending machines

Refurbished Vending machine for sale. A 3 wide Sorrento combo machine with Nayax credit card reader

Coffee Vending Machines

Did you know… refurbished coffee vending machines are a hit in offices and workplaces. They can dispense different types of coffee, providing a much-needed caffeine boost for your customers.

Snack Vending Machines

Snack vending machines are a great way to keep your customers satisfied. A refurbished snack machines can dispense a variety of snacks, from chips and candy bars to healthier options like granola bars and nuts. Place your Order today…to “Buy Refurbished vending machines “

Cigarette Vending Machines

For locations where it’s appropriate, we offer refurbished cigarette vending machines. These machines are a convenient way for smokers to purchase their preferred brand of cigarettes.

Food Vending Machines

Our refurbished food vending machines can dispense a variety of meals and frozen foods. They are a great choice for locations where people may need a quick and convenient meal.

FREE Local Delivery

For customers located in Sydney, we offer local delivery services.

The team will ensure that your refurbished vending machine is delivered directly to your site, free of charge.

The range of refurbished vending machines for sale offers a cost-effective solution for your vending needs. Whether you’re looking for a drink, snack, coffee, combination, cigarette, or food vending machine, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our current offerings.