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Refurbished Vending Machines

Offers in providing top-notch, Refurbished Vending Machines to customers in Sydney, Australia.

Plans for expanding Nationwide…coming soon.

Refurbished Vending Machines by

Quality and Affordability in One Package
At Vending Machine Repair, we have specialized in providing top-notch, refurbished vending machines to our customers in Sydney, Australia.
We are expanding into other states across Australia, ask us if we have a refurbished machine to suit your NEEDS !
The mission purpose is to offer high-quality vending solutions that are both affordable and reliable.

Refurbished Vending machine - image of a refurbed combination vending machine, a Sorrento 3 wide Combo in as NEW condition

Why Choose Refurbished?

Refurbished vending machines are a cost-effective choice for businesses looking to expand their services without breaking the bank.

These machines have been thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and repaired by our team of experts to ensure they function like as new.

The cost of a NEW vending machine in Sydney? Up to $15,000 AUD.
How much does a vending machine cost in Australia? The cost of a new vending machine in Australia it averages around $8,000-$12,000 AUD.
Buying a Refurbished Vending Machine can cost between $2,000 – $4,000 AUD. This is almost 1/2 the cost of a new vending machine for sale.

The Vending Machine Refurbishing Process

Step 1: Inspection
Each vending machine we receive undergoes a rigorous inspection process. We check all parts for signs of wear and tear and identify any components that need replacement.

Step 2: Repair and Replacement
Our team of skilled technicians repairs any faulty parts identified during the inspection. If that part cannot be repaired, we replace it with another part/component.

Step 3: Cleaning and Sanitization
We thoroughly clean and sanitize each vending machine to ensure it is safe and hygienic for use.

Step 4: Quality Assurance
Before a refurbished machine leaves our facility, it undergoes a final round of quality assurance checks. This ensures that the machine is in perfect working order and ready for use.

Our Offerings
From time to time, we offer used refurbished machines for sale.

Refurbished Vending Machine Types

Snack Vending Machines
These machines are perfect for locations such as offices, businesses, schools, and hospitals. They offer a variety of snacks like chips, candy bars, and granola bars.

Cold Drink Vending Machines

Cold drink vending machines are ideal for hot climates or summer seasons. They can dispense a variety of beverages, including canned soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, and bottled waters for total rehydration.

Combo-Combination Vending Machines

Combo vending machines offer the best of both worlds. They have sections for both snacks and drinks, making them a versatile choice for various locations, really like 2 x machines in ONE. The Most popular.

Coffee Vending Machines

Coffee vending machines are a staple in most Sydney business offices and workplaces. As can dispense different types of fresh hot, coffee’s and sometimes even other hot beverages, like hot chocolate or soups.

Frozen Food Machines

These machines can dispense frozen meals or ice creams. Most commonly found in offices, factories, workshops, construction site, mines, High schools, or some sporting plus locations where people may need a quick meal.

Afterpay: A Flexible Payment Option
We understand that buying a drink or combination machine or even other types… are a very significant investment.

That’s why we offer newcomers to vending, the option to use Afterpay. This allows you to spread your repayments, making buying a refurbished machine more manageable.

Ready for a New Site
Each refurbed used vending machine is ready to go onto a new site.

All you need to do is fill it with your products, and it’s ready to start serving your onsite customers.

IMPORTANT: Vending Machine Repair , we’re committed to providing you with the ” best used vending machines in Sydney”.

Customer Testimonials

Remember, these are just a few examples of the many satisfied customers who have chosen to arrange and buy refurbished vending machine. Contact us today to join our list of happy customers!


Refurbished vending machines are typically priced lower than new ones, making them a more affordable option. This is particularly beneficial for those just starting in the vending business or those looking to expand their existing operations without a significant capital outlay.

Quality Assurance

Using, the proposed refurbished vendor machine undergoes a rigorous refurbishing process. They are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and repaired to ensure they function as good as new. This means you can trust the quality and reliability of our refurbished machines.


The offer of buying a refurbished vending machine comes with a 90-day warranty on parts. This way…Have additional peace of mind, knowing that any faulty parts will be replaced at no cost to you within the warranty period.


Choosing refurbished is also an environmentally friendly choice. By refurbishing and reusing used vending machines, we can reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Afterpay Option

With Afterpay as a payment option for you. This allows you to spread your repayments, making the purchase quickly and more manageable.

So… if you’re looking at a “vending machine for sale”, considering a refurbished one using can offer numerous benefits.

It’s a cost-effective, reliable, and eco-friendly choice with flexible payment options and a warranty for added peace of mind.

90-Day Parts ONLY Warranty

When you purchase a refurbished unit, it comes with a 90-day warranty on parts ONLY. This means that if any part of the used machine fails within the first 90 days of your purchase, we will supply that part for…at no cost to you. Fitting that replaced Part …can be arranged by our repair technicians in Sydney.

What Warranty is Covered?

The warranty covers main parts of the used refurbed machine.
This includes the refrigeration unit, the vending mechanism, and the electronic control board, among others.

What Warranty Not Covered?

How do you Claim this Warranty?
If you encounter a problem with your machine within the warranty period, contact us immediately.

Have “Scheduled Maintenance Plans”

A integral part of many businesses, providing a convenient and efficient way for customers to access products. However, like any piece of machinery, they will require regular maintenance and servicing to ensure they function optimally. This is where a scheduled maintenance plan booked through comes into play.

2 x vending machine technicians being repairmen with 4 x types of vending machines with caption to Book Now for scheduled maintenance plans"

We stand behind you and are here to support you every step of the way.

In the final analysis… knowing that all refurbished vending machines for sale are thoroughly inspected, repaired, cleaned and tested