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At Vending Machine Repair, we understand that your Coffs Harbour vending machines are more than just machines—they’re essential components of your business. They make you money $$$.

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Whether you operate a small office or manage a large industrial shed or factory facility in the Mid Coast region of NSW, in and around Coffs Harbour keeping your vending machines in top condition is crucial.

Keeping your staff and customers satisfied, thirsts quenched and refreshed, or a quick snack, chocolate or even a meal from your sited vending machine. This is very important for work production and also adding to your bottom line… the additional income from your vending machine sales.

Here’s why having comprehensive services matter:

  • Preventive Care: Just like any other equipment, vending machines require regular maintenance. Our scheduled maintenance plans ensure that your machines receive timely inspections and adjustments.
  • Identify Issues Early: Regular quarterly onsite machine inspections allow us to spot potential problems before they escalate. By addressing issues promptly, it prevents unexpected breakdowns and even big costly repairs.
  • Improved Performance: Well-maintained machines perform better, leading to increased customer satisfaction and consistent sales and revenue.
Book a scheduled maintenance plan for your vending machines in Coffs Harbour
Get a Scheduled Maintenance Plan for your vending machines

Vending Machine Repairs: Pay Now with Afterpay

Vending machines play a crucial role in businesses, offering convenient access to snacks, drinks, and other products. 

Immediate repairs are essential to prevent lost sales and maintain customer satisfaction.

Having unexpected machine breakdown and maybe any your surplus funds are tight.

Well maybe… using Afterpay, can assist you.

Now, with the introduction of Afterpay, getting your vending machine fixed has never been easier.

Why Choose Afterpay for Vending Machine Repairs?

1. No Upfront Costs

  • Cash Flow Relief: As a vending machine operator or owner in and or around Coffs Harbour, you know that cash flow matters.
  • With Afterpay, you can book repair services without immediate cash outlay.
  • Pay Over Time: Did you know Afterpay allows you to spread repair costs over installments, freeing up your cash for other business needs.
  • Prompt Service: If coins are getting stuck or your machine isn’t dispensing correctly, contact us via our online form. We respond swiftly because we know every minute counts.
  • Onsite Repairs: Our skilled technicians can “carry out all repairs onsite“. No need to transport your machines—repairman / technician… come to you.
  • Minimal Downtime: With onsite repairs, there’s minimal disruption to your business operations. Keep your profits flowing smoothly.
  1. Wiring: Ensuring electrical connections are secure, NO dry joints and all functioning properly.
  2. Note Readers: Fixing issues related to accepting notes or returning change.
  3. Control Boards: Addressing any malfunctions in the machine’s control system.
  4. VEND Delivery Motors: Keeping the dispensing mechanism in top shape.
  5. Refrigerant Gas: Maintaining cooling systems for cold drinks and perishable items.
  6. Coin Mechanisms: Ensuring smooth coin acceptance and change dispensing.
  7. Credit Card Readers: Supplying, fitting, and configuring credit card readers for cashless payments vending machines.

If coins are getting stuck or your machine isn’t dispensing correctly, is not cold anymore or your thinking of booking a ongoing ” Scheduled Maintenance Plan” to ensure your vending machines are working perfectly for your customers and staff…